December 14, 2018

How to become a successfull entrepreneur as Paxful affiliate!

by Jens Ischebeck
Paxful affiliate system - successful entrepreneur

Act as an entrepreneur: join the Paxful affiliate program!

  • Paxful is a leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace
  • Tell your friends about Paxful and earn 20% margin of the escrow fee!
  • Online, at home, as side-hustle: join the success story!
  • Do nothing else then posting on Facebook or YouTube!

How works the Paxful affiliate program?

  • Click on this link and open a Paxful account
  • Register yourself for the Paxful affiliate program
  • You will get a link of Paxful which you can customize
  • Send your link to everybody and convince your friends to open a Paxful account as well
  • Get 20% of the escrow fee of each trade of your friends, for lifetime!

Why should you join the Paxful affiliate program?

  • The more people have a Paxful wallet, the more people you know where you can send bitcoins just by email
  • You earn a provision of 20% of escrow fee of every trade which is effected by the people referred by you
  • You generate an extra income with these provisions!
  • It’s a one time setup and then you sell 24/7/365 !

Because to be honest, I like working the least amount of time and making the most amount of money possible.

Come on. Admit it. So do you.

Read here how the affiliate system works.

Which is your first step with the Paxful affiliate program?

  • Get your affiliate link
  • Post it on Facebook and share it with your friends
  • Buy the first bitcoins with your wallet and use Paxful to send bitcoins between you and your friends easily

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