November 15, 2019


by Jens Ischebeck

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Cryptocurrencies are a big industry, fast growing and attracting many people. And even more articles and posts on the web.

My website is primarily made for all those Africans and Africa interested people, who want to learn more about the usage of cryptocurrencies especially in Sub-Saharan African countries. And as being the most widespread cryptocurrency, Bitcoin serves as main example.

As far as I see it, there are mainly two types of people focusing on bitcoin applications.

First of all there is the group of young, wealthy and tech savvy Africans. They want to use bitcoins to make some extra bucks or to save fees and costs compared to Fiat money applications.

The second group are unbanked people. In our rich today’s world we have to realize that many people have no bank accounts and no access to our financial systems. There is an obvious lack of financial inclusion. Bitcoin based procedures can support these people by bringing them back into the system.

My Goal and my mission

Many African people impress me!

These young, active men and women, curious and ambitious, with this problem-solving attitude each day.

I feel really humbled by working with so many encouraging people! There is not just one Africa. Africa consists of many different countries, different nations and different cultures. So it’s essential to value this and to listen to each of you carefully. That’s my basic value.

My goal is to support you, to help you through the growing jungle of providers and apps in the cryptocurrency world. I want that you get a clear knowledge and understanding of using bitcoins.

This bitcoin guide Africa is an open and transparent platform. I mention the companies which I know and I try to keep track in this fast changing world. So, if you realize that some things changed, just write me a message. Or take my short survey.

My mission is simple:

I want to encourage everybody to get familiar with cryptocurrencies.

I want everybody to decide if there is a good benefit of bitcoins in his or her life!

What my friends say

Nana Boatemaa Amoah The Scribe-Gh

Jens is a very resourceful person, and his passion for improving circumstances in Africa is very obvious. His willingness to also share resourceful information is admirable and I believe he has more great stuff up his sleeve.

Charles Moseti Research Assistant at National Cohesion and Integration Commission

Your article was on point. Most non-African people who have never stepped in this beautiful continent of ours have some preconceived opinions about Africa.

As stated in your article, Africa is not a Country. We have great minds and innovators in large numbers in Africa. The solution to Africa challenges must come from Africans.

Felicien Ihirwe Software Engineer

I like what Jens is doing for Africa and I would like to contribute. It's is very detail-oriented and produced great results for the company...

Catherine Mong'ina CISA

The websites of Jens show that he is broad minded, with a favor for new and emerging technologies; He is an outstanding example of somebody who connects the different worlds!

My story

During the last years, when mobile phones and internet access possibilities grew fast, I was always wondering how to use these new technical opportunities for my friends in Africa.

The starting point was that I asked myself: Well, if I want to look for a solution for my problem, e.g. using bitcoins for remittances, how the heck do I find out which are the providers in this field? And then, which are the best and most appropriate providers for my situation, for my user case?

There are many cryptocurrency companies worldwide, even more different products or things to consider. But which ones are the established ones in South Africa, in Nigeria, in Ghana or Kenya?

Bitcoins can be used for investments, for trading, as payment method or as backing medium for remittances. This extensive guide lists the actual situation, the established “players” / companies and the upcoming young startups. And it’s actionable. After having visited my site, you are in the position to act, e.g. to open a Paxful, Luno, or LocalBitcoins account, to mention just a few.

Trust and development

This website is relatively new. Up to now just some hundreds of visitors come each month.

But the charts show a fast growing path, the number of new visitors is rapidly increasing each month. And with my website I am running also another well-established website in a similar area.

Featured on popular sites

My articles have been featured on many sites, here are some popular ones:

Who am I?

My name is Jens Ischebeck. I am based in Germany and have many years of experience in the fintech area.

Many African people impressed me by their kindness and openess for new technologies.

E.g. the Kenyan leapfrogging effect for the usage of mobile phones for payments (MPesa) was an inspiring example of the huge opportunities created by this young African population.

Since 2019 I am running now this bitcoin guide Africa website as a kind of guide for cryptocurrencies in African countries.

Jens Ischebeck

Social Media

You can easily contact me on any of my social media platforms.

Contact me

on Facebook Messenger: Let's chat together!

on WhatsApp: Send me a WhatsApp!

via email: email to Jens

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