May 25, 2021

My 20 best cryptocurrencies [Update 2021]

by Jens Ischebeck

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a boom again in 2021.

After a long crypto winter there are many exciting projects that have used the quiet time to continue working on their projects - time for a crypto currency forecast!

Here is a list of cryptocurrencies that have the potential to become the best cryptocurrency for beginners and advanced learners.

If you're wondering "which cryptocurrency is going to explode" and are looking for cryptocurrency with potential, this is the list for you.

You will see that there is no such thing as the best cryptocurrency in 2021, but that the diversification of your portfolio is crucial. Part of your portfolio should be reserved for new cryptocurrencies and part for the best cryptocurrencies that are already established.

Please note that not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Behind most serious cryptocurrencies is a team with a vision.

Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, which started out as a fun currency and do not represent a vision, live from the pump-and-dump system.

The winners here are rarely the small investors, but the big fish (so-called whales), which often generated the hype themselves (keyword: Ponzi Scheme).

For beginners - the standard portfolio

First, I will briefly describe the cryptocurrencies that have now become firmly established. This is a colorful mix of cryptocurrencies, i.e. blockchain projects with payment functions, and platform coins and utility tokens.

1) Bitcoin - the mother of all cryptocurrencies

best cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Bitcoin is considered the mother of all cryptocurrencies and has a safe place in the list of the best cryptocurrencies. Because with him the age of cryptos began. The creator Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous to this day. The main goal is to enable online payments between parties without the intermediary of a financial institution.

Even if the original developer of Bitcoin remains anonymous, there are rumors that the British cryptographer, computer scientist and hacker Dr. Adam Back at least have contact with Nakamoto. Dr. Back founded the company Blockstream in 2015 and is constantly working on building the financial infrastructure of the future based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Bitcoin blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer network that is completely decentralized. In a decentralized peer-to-peer network, the network participants agree on a common transaction history. For this purpose, several active network participants (so-called miners) collect all transactions within approx. 10 minutes in so-called blocks. A block can therefore be thought of as a box full of transactions that have accumulated in the last 10 minutes.

Then a competition starts to see who can enforce his block in the network and get a reward for it. In order to win the competition, a complicated math puzzle must be solved. Special hardware and software are required for this. Solving the riddle takes a lot of energy. The process of agreeing on a block is called the consensus mechanism. The Bitcoin blockchain uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Network participants can take part in the competition to receive a reward in the form of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin blockchain has built-in inflation protection. The maximum supply of bitcoins is limited to 21 million bitcoins. Bitcoin supporters also call it “digital gold”, as there will only be a limited number of Bitcoins and these could be used as a store of value. Therefore, it is still one of the best crypto currencies in 2021.

As an everyday currency, however, the mother of all crypto currencies is under criticism. High transaction costs, relatively slow transaction times and the high energy consumption make it currently rather unattractive for payments at the checkout in the supermarket.

best cryptocurrency Bitcoin chart

2) Ether from Ethereum - The King's Chain of DeFi Coins

best cryptocurrency Ethereum

Ethereum's ether is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin. The platform is one of the favorites when it comes to "Which cryptocurrency to buy in 2021".

Ethereum describes itself as the second generation blockchain. Why is Ethereum still considered a cryptocurrency with potential, even though it is already the third generation? The Ethereum blockchain forms the basis for further possible uses of the blockchain technology and currently has the largest network.

In addition to payment processing, decentralized applications (dApps) can also be set up on the platform. Ethereum also supports new cryptocurrencies with potential. These include Uniswap (UNI), Maker (MKR) and Aave (AAVE), who drive all projects in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). You can find out more about Maker (MKR) under item 19 of the list.

The platform was founded by the Russian-Canadian software developer Vitalik Buterin. His team includes Gavin Wood and former Goldman Sachs manager Joseph Lubin. Lubin also runs a software production company that specializes in developing decentralized Ethereum applications.

While Bitcoin is the first crypto currency to be used as the reserve currency, many companies are now relying on Ethereum. The clever platform offers the possibility to develop your own tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This led to the crypto ICO boom in 2017. Because suddenly hundreds of so-called ERC-20 tokens shot out of the ground. ICO is based on the term IPO for the initial public offering of a company. However, an ICO cannot be compared to an IPO. It just means that a coin is released for sale (Initial Coin Offering).

Even if the bursting of the ICO bubble in 2018 catapulted Ethereum to a low, many well-known companies still rely on Ethereum's blockchain. Well-known companies include Samsung, Amazon, Nike and McDonald’s.

best cryptocurrency Ethereum chart

3) BNB from Binance Coin - The coin of the second largest crypto exchange

best cryptocurrency Binance

The Binance Coin is the coin of the exchange platform Binance and a so-called utility token. Utility tokens are often used as a medium of exchange within a platform. The Binance Coin was developed for the Binance ecosystem. Binance aims to offer a platform for cryptocurrencies that is built on a strong technological basis and guarantees investors security. As of May 2021, it is the largest crypto exchange in the world with a trading volume of 28 billion US dollars.

The team is led by Changpeng Zhao as CEO and includes members with experience in both traditional Wall Street finance and cryptocurrency trading. Changpeng Zhao himself founded BijieTech at times. A company that specializes in cloud-based file sharing. He is considered one of the most successful crypto entrepreneurs. The remaining team members are experts in computer science, product designers, and management and technology consulting.

Binance is one of the most interesting crypto projects in 2021. The world's largest crypto trading platform has developed its own blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, and thus bridged the gap between the crypto exchange and the blockchain. After the spectacular burst of the ICO bubble in 2018, Binance launched the concept of the IEO - Initial Exchange Offering. In order to participate in an IEO, investors must hold a certain number of BNB. In this way, the demand for the coin has increased and its value has increased.

Similar to the Ethereum blockchain, decentralized applications can also be run on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance is in direct competition with Ethereum, but is already solving scaling problems that Ethereum has not yet been able to solve.

best cryptocurrency Binance chart

4) XRP from Ripple - The favorite of financial institutions

best cryptocurrency Ripple

Ripple was developed as a real-time payment system by Ripple Labs. XRP is used to process transactions within the network. The transactions should be possible securely, immediately and almost free of charge. Ripple was designed for use in companies.

Unlike blockchain projects, Ripple aims to implement a system for the digital exchange of various assets without the use of blockchain technology. Nevertheless, Ripple relies on components of blockchain technology, such as cryptography (digital encryption). However, the transaction history is not validated decentrally via consensus mechanisms, but via central servers.

Brad Garlinghouse is currently the CEO of Ripple and a member of the board of directors. Before that, he held various management positions at AOL and Yahoo! The Ripple CTO is David Schwartz. He is one of the developers of the XRP Ledger. Previously, he programmed cloud solutions for, among others, CNN and the National Security Agency (NSA). As "JoelKatz" he is a respected personality in the digital currency community.

Ripple was already working on Ripplepay's Ripple protocol before Bitcoin was released. The Ripple network does not use a blockchain or consensus mechanism. This enables a higher transaction speed and lower transaction fees. The transaction data is encrypted and summarized. The validation servers can be operated by individuals as well as banks or institutions.

Ripple is often criticized for its inadequate decentralization.

best cryptocurrency Ripple chart

5) MIOTA from IOTA - The future of the Internet of Things

best cryptocurrency IOTA

IOTA describes itself as a third generation crypto asset. The Crypto project specializes in the Internet of Things. The system does not rely on a blockchain, but on a so-called tangle network without miners. The special feature is that no data blocks are chained together, but all transactions run in parallel.

The cryptocurrency has recently gone live with an important network upgrade (Chrysalis). The upgrade is intended to pave the way for entry into machine economy and enable the Internet of Things. With the next upgrade and the implementation of the Nectar network, the IOTA network should be decentralized, scalable and secure without a consensus mechanism.

The IOTA team currently consists of 120 people. A colorful mix of software developers, business consultants, engineers and scientists. In December 2020, the company separated from co-founder David Otherwiseebo and caused unrest among IOTA supporters.

Well-known companies such as Bosch, Dell and Jaguar work together with the IOTA Foundation. Iota is still in beta. The project is currently still under criticism for being heavily centralized through the use of coordinators. IOTA's core goal is to be the industry standard.

Since there are no miners in the network, participation in the network is currently rather uninteresting for private individuals.

best cryptocurrency IOTA chart

6) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - The Bitcoin subsidiary

best cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash can be described as a subsidiary of Bitcoin. Basically, the two cryptocurrencies are very similar. This is because the currency was created through a fork from Bitcoin, as the team had different goals. They are based on the same blockchain code. The main difference to Bitcoin is the block size. At 8 MB, this is eight times as large for Bitcoin Cash as that of Bitcoin (1 MB). The purpose of the larger block size is to store more transactions in a block in order to process the transactions faster.

The team consists of several software developers. It is not known who exactly is working on the further development of Bitcoin Cash.

As the bitcoin blockchain got more and more attention, part of the bitcoin development team realized that the bitcoin blockchain could not scale in proportion to the growth in the number of transactions. There were delays and high transaction fees. To solve this problem, Bitcoin Cash broke away from the original blockchain and increased the block size. However, the increased block size also requires more storage space.

Bitcoin Cash scores with low transaction fees and a high level of privacy. Since Bitcoin Cash does not offer the solutions that other Altcoins have developed in the meantime, the future forecasts are not particularly promising.

However, this is still a very stable blockchain project that still has a chance in the long term.

best cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash

7) ADA from Cardano - The third generation blockchain

best cryptocurrency Cardano

Cardano also describes itself as a third generation blockchain platform. The blockchain project was started in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and aims to appeal to changemakers, innovators and visionaries.

Hoskinson has set himself the goal of tackling the current blockchain problems in a scientifically sound manner. An association of scientists (input-output Hong Kong) is working on the crypto ecosystem. The developments are controlled by the Cardano Foundation.

In contrast to Bitcoin, ADA uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Cardano is also called "Ethereum Killer" because it aims to become a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications, similar to Ethereum. The Cardano network is based on four pillars: scalability, interoperability, sustainability and smart contracts. The scalability should, among other things. can be achieved using data compression techniques.

By using other tokens on the Cardano blockchain, interoperability with other systems should be made possible. The decision for a proof-of-stake mechanism was made in order to avoid the sustainability problem of conventional proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin.

Last but not least, the platform should also enable the integration of smart contracts. Smart contracts are not classic contracts. This is software that allows a transaction to be carried out automatically if all of the parties involved have met predetermined conditions.

Cardano plans to introduce smart contract support in 2021.

best cryptocurrency Cardano chart

8) DOT by Polkadot - The connecting chain of blockchains

best cryptocurrency Poldakot

The Web 3.0 project was founded in 2017 by a co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood. The project belongs to the Web3 Foundation and aims to enable a completely decentralized web.

It is based on a multi-chain infrastructure to connect different blockchains and other technologies with one another. The so-called Internet 3.0. The decentralized platform is intended to give users back control over their own privacy and personal data. Large companies are to be disempowered here.

The Polkadot wants to make this possible via a network that enables collaboration between several blockchains. For example, it should be possible via Polkadot to build a bridge between the Ethereum blockchain and the Bitcoin blockchain in the future.

The DOT is the cryptocurrency (token) of the Polkadot network. It can be used for staking or for democratic voting in the network. "Staking" is the term used to describe the process in which holding the network's own cryptocurrency in a digital wallet is rewarded in order to ensure the continued operation of the blockchain. The Polkadot community can also use the tokens to vote on changes to the network.

The Web 3.0 project is also one of the most interesting blockchain projects in 2021. Polkadot can already boast a strong partner network of well-known companies and institutions. The Web3Foundation also consists of a large network of developers, reaseachers, analysts and companies, from whose know-how the project benefits.

The steadily increasing number of developers and projects on the Polkadot blockchain makes it one of the fastest growing networks.

best cryptocurrency Poldakot chart

9) VET from VeChain - The future of the supply chain

best cryptocurrency VeChain

VeChain has the vision to develop blockchain solutions for companies around the globe. The project was launched in Shanghai in 2015 and has a strong connection to Chinese industry. Rumors also about the Chinese government.

VeChain's blockchain is called VeChainThor, the cryptocurrency VET. The Chinese company BitSe, which is now based in Singapore, is behind the project. One of the best-known investors is the American Jim Breyer. Breyer is head of the investment company Breyer Capital and is very well connected in China.

Unlike most blockchain projects, VeChain can already present successfully implemented solutions that have already been tested and discussed with over 700 companies. At least that is what it says in Whitepaper 2.0. In addition, it is interesting to know that the parent company holds a blockchain service certificate issued by TÜV Saarland, which has been rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Similar to Ethereum or Cardano, VeChain can be used by companies to build their blockchain-based solutions on it. In contrast to Ethereum or other blockchain solutions, users are not tied to the network's own cryptocurrency. It should also be borne in mind that the blockchain is controlled via a proof-of-authority consensus mechanism. This means that certain nodes are chosen to confirm transactions within the network.

To become an Authority Node, a minimum of 25,000,000 VET must be held.

best cryptocurrency VeChain chart

10) LTC from Litecoin - Bitcoin's little cousin: fast and cheap

best cryptocurrency Litecoin

Litecoin is also one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies worldwide and is also one of the oldest and best known. The network was founded in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. The network is being further developed by the Litecoin Core Development Team.

Technically, Litecoin hardly differs from Bitcoin. However, the blockchain uses a less computationally intensive algorithm than its big cousin Bitcoin. This makes Litecoin much faster, but also requires more storage space. The maximum supply of Litecoin is 84 million.

Another difference to Bitcoin, whose supply is limited to 21 million. Litecoin is often referred to as the silver and Bitcoin as the gold of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin could serve as a store of value in the future, Litecoin should ensure fast transfers and low fees in everyday life. It is also important that, in contrast to BitcoinCash, for example, Litecoin is not a spin-off from Bitcoin (Bitcoin fork). It is its own crypto currency with its own blockchain, which has a lot in common with Bitcoin, but is still independent.

In 2018, the Litecoin Foundation acquired shares in WEG bank AG. In return, WEG Bank promised to use Litecoin for transactions. In 2020, Litecoin also entered into a cooperation with the gaming service provider Atari, which accepts the token as a payment method for PC consoles, for example.

best cryptocurrency Litecoin chart

For advanced users - diversification is king

Next I would like to describe 10 cryptocurrencies with potential that are also very interesting.

11) Tronix von Tron - The Robin Hood of Copyright

best cryptocurrency Tron

Tron was launched by Justin Sun in 2017. The founder has already been a successful entrepreneur with other technology companies and was also a consultant for Ripple Labs until 2016. One of his big supporters is Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

In 2018, the original Ethereum token separated from Ethereum and is now running on its own TRX blockchain. The aim of the project is to become a platform for the Web 4.0. So a decentralized, free network for various content and storage. The focus here is particularly on the gaming world. This should give developers the opportunity to freely design the gaming world and make it available to a large number of users in return for monetary compensation in the form of Tronix.

The blockchain's consensus mechanism is similar to Bitcoin's proof-of-work solution. However, it is not linked to the computing power of the network participants, but to the storage space made available. A decisive advantage of this solution is the significantly better energy efficiency.
The Tron cryptocurrency is called Tronix (TRX) and can be used, for example, to view content from other network participants. By holding TRX, participants are rewarded with “Tron Power” (TP). TP can in turn be used to participate in the network through voting rights. The more TP, the greater the voting right.

best cryptocurrency Tron chart

12) EOS - The dApps platform

best cryptocurrency EOS

The ICO of the cryptocurrency EOS is one of the most successful of all previous ICOs. The project sees itself as a serious competitor and challenger to Ethereum. The aim is to develop a decentralized, cost-effective and scalable platform for creating decentralized applications. Behind the project is the Cayman Islands-based company and, as the founders, investor Brendan Blumer and software developer Daniel Larimer. Larimer, however, is considered a cryptocurrency expert and blockchain specialist.

EOS is based on the “Delegated Proof of Stake” (DPoS) algorithm. With the regular "Proof-of-Stake" algorithm, the network participants who are to confirm the transactions within the network (supervisory function) are selected by lot. The more units of the respective cryptocurrency are held, the higher the probability of getting it.

The “Delegated Proof-of-Stake”, on the other hand, leaves the choice of the supervisor to the users. They can choose other system users as supervisors who they trust to carry out this role carefully. However, the number of crypto currency units held also plays a role here. Because the more units are held, the greater the right of co-determination as to who is allowed to take on the supervisory role.

As in other blockchain systems, the confirmation of transactions is rewarded with additional crypto currency units. Compared to the proof-of-work, this algorithm is more energy efficient. However, the DPoS is considered a double-edged sword. Because a strong centralization of the cryptocurrencies could lead to the fact that the network is controlled by too strong parties.

The advantage of EOS over Ethereum is that there are no transaction fees within the network. The DPoS ensures fast transaction speeds and very high scalability.

best cryptocurrency EOS chart

13) BTT from Bittorrent - The Token or TRON platform

best cryptocurrency BitTorrent

Bittorent (BTT) is part of the Tron blockchain and was also developed by Tron founder Justin Sun. The token is closely linked to the mission of the BitTorrent software, which was used for P2P file sharing worldwide before the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

However, a significant proportion of global data traffic still runs through the platform. The mission of the Bittorrent project is to gradually integrate the platform into the Tron blockchain.

The long-term goal is to create a decentralized universal platform on which social networks, search engines and cloud products can run decentrally and independently. The top priority here is that privacy and control over their own data are returned to the users.

Network participants can contribute to the operation of the network by bringing storage space and computing power to the project. As a reward, they receive BTT, with which they can use other services within the network.

best cryptocurrency BitTorrent chart

14) ALGO by Algorand - The solution to the blockchain trilemma

best cryptocurrency Algorand

Algorand was developed by MIT professor Silvio Micali. Micali is considered a cryptography pioneer and even received the Turing Award in 2012 for his work in this area. The project mission is to solve the blockchain trilemma. The trilemma states that a blockchain can fulfill a maximum of two out of three of the decisive properties of security, scalability or decentralization. The Algogrand Blockchain is based on the Pure-Proof-of-Stake algorithm and was published in June 2019.

The network can handle 1000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchain solutions on the market. The network's cryptocurrency is ALGO and is limited to a maximum of 10 billion. The already presented cryptocurrencies in the area of decentralized finance (DeFi) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash weaken when it comes to the criterion of scalability. This is partly due to the energy-distorting proof-of-work algorithm. Ripple, on the other hand, has been criticized for its lack of decentralization. Added to this are the hacker attacks of recent years, which are worrying both crypto exchanges and crypto investors.

Micali's promise is now to solve the problems of the other DeFi Coins with the innovative protocol Pure-Proof-of-Stake. The concept basically assumes that there will always be participants within a network who would like to damage the network without failing to adhere to the network rules, but that the number of these dishonest participants never forms the majority. The pure proof of stake consists of two stages. In the first step, an ALGO holder is randomly determined to propose the next transaction block. In the second step, a randomly composed committee of 1,000 participants is determined, the majority of whom must confirm the validity of the block. This concept should beat the deficient decentralization and the scaling problem of the other DeFi concepts in the long term.

However, ALGO has not yet had to prove itself in practice. The network size is still too small and the coin too unknown to be able to say with certainty whether the solution, which sounds tempting in theory, actually offers a stable, fast and secure platform for the currency revolution. Anyone who invests in ALGO should be firmly convinced of PPoS.

best cryptocurrency Algorand chart

15) XMR from Monero - All the power of anonymity

best cryptocurrency Monero

Monero has a strong focus on anonymity in the blockchain network. The goal is that under no circumstances should it be possible to establish a connection between two Monero transactions. In addition, the source and destination of the transactions should not be traceable. All transactions are publicly visible in the Bitcoin blockchain.

In the Monero blockchain, the transactions are also visible, but encrypted in such a way that it can only be recognized that a transaction has taken place, but the information to whom, by whom or for what remains hidden. The Monero project was started as Bytecoin in 2012. In 2014, a fork resulted in the new Bitmonero project, which is now known as Monero. Bitcoin's supposed weaknesses related to mining hardware and privacy should be resolved.

The special thing about the technology used by Monero are the cryptographic elements for encrypting the content. On the one hand the "ring signatures" and on the other hand the "stealth addresses" are used here. The ring signature ensures that even within the network when transactions are confirmed, it can be confirmed that the transaction has been legitimately carried out, but who the sender remains hidden. While the ring signatures protect the identity of the sender, the “stealth addresses” are intended to protect the recipients.

The recipient uses a different address for each transaction.

best cryptocurrency Monero chart

16) LINK by Chainlink - The connection of the crypto world with the world of banking and industry

best cryptocurrency Chainlink

Chainlink is based on Ethereum and started operating on the Ethereum blockchain in 2019. In fact, the Chainlink project already existed as part of the non-profit organization SmartContract Ltd in 2014.

The organization's CEO is Sergey Nazarov, who is one of the most famous personalities in the crypto community. After the commissioning on Ethereum, Chainlink received well-known partnerships, including Google, Oracle and Microsoft. Smart contracts can be thought of as automated agreements. As soon as certain conditions are met, predefined events are triggered. The Chainlink token is LINK. The token is used for all essential functions within the Chainlink network.

Chainlink serves as a link between the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and the data outside the blockchain. Because agreements in the real world also require information from the outside world. Basically, blockchains and smart contracts cannot access off-chain data (data that is stored outside the network). The interface between a smart contract on a blockchain and the outside world is called an oracle.

It ensures that blockchain smart contracts are supplied with external information. The big problem (oracle problem), however, is that the information is from the outside, not part of the blockchain consensus mechanism. A crucial security element is therefore missing here.

The project tries to solve this oracle problem. The approach is based on an internal reputation system, through which the trustworthiness of a source is to be determined. Smart contracts that request data via this decentralized oracle pay the Chainlink nodes in LINK.

Chainlink offers a practicable solution to the oracle problem of smart contracts and may become increasingly important in the future as smart contracts grow in importance. Another plus point is that so far there are no significant competitors who have been able to solve this problem.

best cryptocurrency Chainlink chart

17) XLM from Stellar - Ripple's little daughter

best cryptocurrency Stellar

Stellar Lumens was also launched by Ripple inventor Jed McCaleb. Both projects are based on the same premise. They only differ in that Stellar Lumens is more geared towards supporting individuals than institutions.

While Ripple is often criticized for its proximity to banks, Stellar Lumens takes a bottom-up approach. The main goal of cryptocurrency is to fix the problems associated with cross-border transactions. Long transaction times and high fees should be a thing of the past. In the long term, all people in the world with access to the Internet should also have access to financial services.

Stellar Lumens are the tokens used by the Stellar Network. The Stellar network is also a peer-to-peer network, but is not based on blockchain technology. The specialty in the network is that a transaction with one currency is started by the sender and another currency arrives at the recipient.

The network scores with its speed, the low cost of transactions and the currency exchange function. In addition, the network should have a decentralized structure. This means that no authority controls the transactions within the network. The network participants are solely responsible for authorizing the transactions.

best cryptocurrency Stellar chart

18) LUNA by Terra - The Stable Coin Blockchain

best cryptocurrency Terra Luna

The LUNA Coin from Terra is a stable coin. Stable coins are cryptocurrencies that represent the value of a specific asset. The underlying asset can represent both fiat currency (euros, dollars, etc.) as well as precious metals or the like.

The goal behind Stable Coins is to generate stable value in digital form. For example, a stable coin can represent 1 ounce of gold. It therefore belongs to the "crypto derivatives", ie the mapping of an underlying asset in the form of a token. Stable coins are often included in the portfolio to hedge crypto prices that are prone to fluctuations.

So Terra is a blockchain protocol that forms a platform for stable coins for the US dollar, the South Korean won, the Mongolian tugrik and a currency basket of the International Monetary Fund. The LUNA token is used within the blockchain network.

The LUNA token is intended to ensure that the price stability of the stable coins is guaranteed within the network. For this, the token uses a stabilization algorithm Terra is, among other things, with the Ethereum Blockchain via the Cosmos-Inter-Blockchain-Communication of the Cosmos project. This example clearly shows that the various blockchain projects can also benefit from one another, as they solve different problems.

The main goal of Terra is to improve currently inefficient payment structures. Payment processes via credit cards, banks and other payment centers are to be simplified in the future using a blockchain payment layer.

best cryptocurrency Terra Luna chart

19) DAI and MKR from MakerDao - The DeFi Pioneer

best cryptocurrency Maker Dao

MakerDAO was founded by the Dane Rune Christensen. The aim of the project is to create a stable coin that can replicate the US dollar 1: 1 - DAI. It should differ significantly from already established projects such as Tether.

The DAI stablecoin is not covered by fiat reserves in a bank such as LUNA. The regulatory controls should also not run via word or third-party checks, but directly via the blockchain.

In addition to DAI, there is also the Maker Coin (MKR). While DAI is pegged to the US dollar, Maker is similar to conventional cryptocurrencies. MKR holders have a say in system design. In addition, DAI distinguishes itself from the other crypto currencies in that the “over-security” effect is used.

This means that MakerDAO secures the DAI with Ether from the Ethereum Blockchain. Here, however, more ETH pays in than the current value to acquire a certain DAI. Smart contracts and game theory ensure the decentralized ecosystem and the necessary stability.

best cryptocurrency Maker Dao

20) KLAY by Klaytn - Blockchain Adoption on a Global Level

best cryptocurrency Klaytn

Klaytn is a blockchain platform developed by Ground X. Ground X is part of the leading South Korean internet company Kakao. The aim of the project is to provide a service-oriented blockchain platform that meets the performance and reliability requirements of companies.

The Klaytn Blockchain combines functions of the private blockchain with those of a public one in order to create the best possible user experience. Klaytn API Service (KAS) offers various interfaces that are intended to simplify the creation and operation of blockchain applications.

The platform is embedded in a cloud environment, so developers can install and use the network without a separate node. This should serve to reduce development costs and times. Klaytn himself claims to work with numerous brands.

One area of application are the NFTs, which are currently experiencing a hype.

best cryptocurrency Klaytn chart

Best cryptocurrencies: Conclusion

The year 2021 is a very exciting year for the crypto world, many crypto currencies predict an exciting future.

It remains to be seen to answer the question "which cryptocurrency is going to explode".

However, you should now know the most important cryptocurrencies in order to answer the question "Which cryptocurrencies will buy in 2021".

The list only contains cryptocurrencies with potential. However, new cryptocurrencies often carry a higher risk.

Even if no statement can be made about the best crypto currency, the list offers a selection of coins / tokens that can become the best crypto currency with potential in 2021.

Now it's your turn:

What are your experiences with cryptocurrencies? Which cryptocurrency is the best for you? Which cryptocurrency are you missing here?

Please write me a comment.



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